You asked: What does Inv stand for in crochet?

Tutorial – Invisible Decrease in Crochet. Etsy.

What is Inv Dec crochet?

(invisible) decrease (abbreviation: dec)

The invisible decrease is an alternative method of decreasing which will make your decrease stitch look much like the other stitches in the row, resulting in a smoother and more even crochet fabric. Inset the hook in the front loop of the second stitch (1).

What is sc dec in crochet?

One of the most effective and easiest is the “single crochet decrease.” A single crochet decrease is usually abbreviated as “sc dec”, but a pattern may also say to “single crochet the next 2 stitches together”, aka “sc 2 tog”. … Insert the hook into the next stitch and yarn over.

What does Dee mean in crochet?

Double treble crochet is a basic crochet stitch. … Yo hook 3 times, insert crochet hook in st (a), yo, draw lp through (b), [yo, draw through 2 lps on hook] 4 times (c, d, e, f).

What is single crochet decrease?

So, when you sc2tog (which is also called a decrease in single crochet), you start single crochet in one stitch, leave it unfinished while you start single crochet in the adjacent stitch, and then finish both of them together to create one single crochet across the two stitches.

What is STS crochet?

tr = treble crochet. st/sts = stitch/stitches.

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