What does the Bernina Stitch Regulator do?

The BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) produces neat, consistent stitching with stitches of precisely the same length while free-motion sewing. Reacting to the movement of the fabric, it adjusts the speed of of the machine automatically when free-motion quilting with the feed dog lowered.

What is a stitch width regulator?

Stitch Width Regulator/Selector – The mechanism that allows you to adjust the width of a wide stitch, such as a zigzag stitch. Take-up Lever – Part of the upper threading sequence, it helps control the flow of thread. It’s the part that goes “up and down” as you sew.

Which Bernina machines have the stitch regulator?

The BERNINA 750 QE provides an exclusive level of stitch control.

What is the difference between BSR 1 and BSR 2?

BSR has 2 modes. Mode 1 is used for designs with points and corners. Mode 2 is used for curvy designs and ruler work.

What is the teeth that move the fabric under the presser foot?

Feed Dogs (6)

These small metal or rubber teeth pull the fabric between the presser foot and throat plate. The feed dogs also regulate the stitch length by controlling how much fabric passes through at once. As you guide the fabric, always allow the feed dogs—not your hands—to move the fabric.

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What holds the bottom thread on a sewing machine?

1) Bobbin—Provides the bottom thread, the underside of the stitches a sewing machine forms. It is useful to wind extra bobbins at once to save time later on in a project. 2) Bobbin Case—Holds the bobbin and has a specific threading pattern that provides tension to the bobbin thread.

Can you use Bernina BSR with rulers?


Adjustable Ruler Foot #72 is available for BERNINA Domestic Sewing Machines. The height of the foot is adjustable so it may be used on most models of BERNINA sewing machines. When doing ruler work on a domestic sewing machine, you will need to have a level surface around the machine.

How much does a Bernina 830 cost?

Bernina 830 Embroidery/quilting/sewing machine.

The machine retails for $12,900 (without all the additional costly accessories included in this sale) It is a true state of the art work horse and technologically the best in the industry.

What sewing machine has a built-in stitch regulator?

Bernina is the only home sewing machine brand with stitch regulated technology built-in.

What is the function of stitch length regulator?

A stitch regulator is a tiny computer attached to a sewing machine that constantly adjusts the machine’s stitch speed to accommodate the speed of the fabric during free-motion stitching. This ensures balanced, equal-length stitches.

Does Brother have a stitch regulator?

THE Ultimate Accessory That fits Virtually Everywhere. Introducing THE Dream Fabric Frame, your key to unlocking the true potential of your advanced Brother Sewing and Quilting Machines. … THE Dream Fabric Frame includes the SureStitch Stitch Regulator for enhanced control during free-motion sewing.

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What is a feed dog on a sewing machine?

Feed dogs are movable plates which pull fabric through a sewing machine in discrete steps between stitches.

Does Bernina 480 have BSR?


The BSR regulates perfect, equal-length straight and zigzag stitches at variable sewing speeds during free-motion quilting. BSR is optional for models B 475 QE and B 480 and is not available on the B 435. SEWISTS & CRAFTERS, YOUR SEARCH FOR PERFECTION ENDS NOW.

Does Janome have a stitch regulator?

Made to fit all Grace frames and work with Janome, Juki, and other quilting machine brands, a stitch speed control or stitch regulator by Grace is an essential accessory that will help you get professional stitching results from your Grace frame and longarm machine.