Why do tailors ask which side you hang?

No. To put it simply, the tailor needs to know which side of your pants your penis hangs. If it rests down your left leg, that is known as “dressing to the left.” The opposite is true for “dressing to the right.” They ask so they can avoid any uncomfortable or accidental “run-ins” while taking your measurements.

What side do you dress on tailor?

It means the tailor is asking whether your penis is on the left or the right side of your fly when it naturally lies in your pants. As a general rule, if you’re right handed, you dress to the left, if you’re left handed, you dress to the right.

Why do guys hang to the left?

Authors of the study uphold that if a man’s penis hangs to the left, it suggests that they are “left-brain dominant”. Those who are more left-brained tend to be more organised and systematic that their creative and intuitive right-brained counterparts.

What does hang right mean?

Filters. (intransitive, US slang) To turn right, to take a right turn.

What does it mean to hang to the left?

Slang. to turn to the left (or right), as in driving a car.

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Do you wear your suit to the tailor?

Though you may wish to wear something that shows your personal style and the tailored look you’re hoping to achieve with your next garment, there’s no rule to say this is necessary. Because, of course, your tailor will be able to visualise and create your perfect suit whatever you wear for your consultation.

What does it mean when someone says Which way do you dress?

‘Which way do you dress’ is a polite way of asking ‘on which side of your pants is your member hanging’ so that we don’t get too personal when working in that region.

What does hang tight mean?

Definition of hang tight

US, informal. : to wait before doing anything Investors are being advised to hang tight until the stock market rebounds.

What is the meaning of didn’t hang right?

Answer: didn’t hang right meaning. didn’t fit properly.