What is SLEY weaving?

(also slay) A tool used in weaving to force the weft into place. ‘The sley mechanism swings to and fro. It is responsible for pushing the last pick of weft to the fell of the cloth by means of the beat up motion.

How do you SLEY a reed?

Divide the reed into sections vertically. Tie a string (or strings) across the reed that separate it into divisions, as many as threads in each dent. Then when you sley, you put the first thread through the bottom section, the second through the next section (in the same dent), the third in the next, etc.

What is SLEY motion?

The sley is given a sudden and quick movement towards the fell of the cloth by the cranks in the crankshaft. The sleywood runs from one shuttle box to another, and when at its backward movement, the shuttle travels over its race.

What is the meaning of Slayin?

verb (used without object), slew or slayed (especially for def. 7); slain;slay·ing. to kill or murder. Slang. to strongly impress or overwhelm someone: His whole album slays. noun.

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What is the meaning of loom weaving?

A loom is a device used to weave cloth and tapestry. The basic purpose of any loom is to hold the warp threads under tension to facilitate the interweaving of the weft threads. The precise shape of the loom and its mechanics may vary, but the basic function is the same.

What is SLEY in loom?

1a : a weaver’s reed. b : a movable frame in a loom that carries the reed. 2 : a guideway in a knitting machine. 3 : the number of warp ends per inch in a cloth. 4 : a device in a lace machine that contains small holes through which some warp ends pass and is used in selecting the pattern.

What is slay weaving?

or slay, sleigh

noun, plural sleys. the reed of a loom. the warp count in woven fabrics. … to draw (warp ends) through the heddle eyes of the harness or through the dents of the reed in accordance with a given plan for weaving a fabric.

What is SLEY eccentricity?

Sley eccentricity, e = r/l. ∎ The ratio r/l, where r is the radius of the crank circle. and l is the length of the crank arm, is called the sley- eccentricity. ratio ,e.

What is SLEY eccentricity ratio?

The ratio r/l, where r is the radius of the crank circle and l is the length of the crank arm, is called the sley eccentricity ratio (e). If the sley eccentricity is increased then the sley remains for longer time near its most backward position, and more time is available for the passage of the shuttle.

What is shedding in textile?

Shedding is the process of creating an open path across and through the warp yarns by raising some warp threads by their harnesses and leaving others down. While the shed is open, the filling yarn is inserted. The shed is then changed as dictated by the pattern.

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What is a slay girl?

Slay emerged as a fashion colloquialism in the 19th century as a way to describe a person who was dressed to kill. In that context, slaying began to take on sexual undertones, as in, “I look so good I slayed her.”

What means slay queen?

Filters. A young gold digger who is active on social media and pretends to afford a lavish partying lifestyle . noun.

Is slay a bad word?

Frequency: (slang) To overwhelm, as with laughter or love. … Slay is defined as to kill or destroy in a violent way, or is slang meaning to impress or amuse. An example of slay is to kill a vampire.

What is loom and example?

The definition of a loom is a machine used for weaving yarn or thread into fabric. An example of loom is what a textile maker would use to create fabric. … To weave (a tapestry, for example) on a loom. verb. A machine for weaving thread or yarn into cloth.

What is loom in science?

A loom is a device for weaving yarn or threads into fabric. It is used for making fabrics. The loom which is worked by hands is called a handloom whereas a loom which works with electric power is called powerloom.

What are 3 different kinds of looms?

There are different types of weaving looms and these include handloom, frame loom and back strap loom. A loom is a mechanism or tool used for weaving yarn and thread into textiles. Looms vary in a wide assortment of sizes.