What scissors do I need for sewing?

Can you use any scissors for fabric? ​Ursula from LDH Scissors said “Any scissor can be used to cut fabric but there [are] different design elements that go into making a fabric shear that make it a better choice to use with fabric. Do you need special scissors to cut fabric? “A dedicated pair of …

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Best answer: Is cable knit a fabric?

Cable Knit fabric is a double knit fabric made by the special loop transfer technique. The wales in the fabric have a rope-like an appearance, where plaits are based on the transfer of loops with adjacent wales. Is knit a fabric? Knit fabric is a textile that results from interlocking yarn together with long needles. …

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Frequent question: Do you sew things inside out?

When you construct a garment by sewing, you construct it inside out. You have to flip it to get it right-side out. The reason you build it inside-out is because it ends up tidier that way, with less work. Generally, the goal is to hide the stitching and/or the seam allowance. Do you sew inside …

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Best answer: Can you bleach clothes with embroidery?

When you have an embroidered logo on a white shirt, there’s a good chance you can safely launder the shirt with bleach. First you need to confirm the shirt is made of bleach-safe fabric, then you can check a hidden part of the embroidery thread for colorfastness to bleach.

How do you make a shirt bigger?

What is this? You can accomplish this by washing the shirt and stretching it while it is wet, soaking it in a solution of water and hair conditioner and then stretching it, or using a specialized stretching tool to enlarge a specific portion of a shirt, such as a collar. Can you stretch out a …

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