How do you wind the elastic thread on a bobbin?

Why is my elastic thread not working?

Make sure that your bobbin is not too full of the elastic thread. Try re-threading your whole machine. Make sure your elastic thread isn’t too tight or too loose on the bobbin. Make sure you didn’t mess with the tension (or any other settings) of your machine while adjusting your stitch length.

How do you wind a bobbin with wooly nylon thread?

Tip #1 : When you wind wooly nylon thread onto a bobbin, do not stretch it out. Just wind it up normally. Keep the tension off the thread. Tip #2 : You can use your machine to wind wooly thread but you have to go very slowly and not using the guide.

Can I use elastic thread in my sewing machine?

Elastic thread is thicker and stretchier than regular thread. So it’s useful when you’re working with stretchy fabrics. You typically use elastic thread in your sewing machine in combination with regular thread. It helps to create clothing that gives a little, such as a top with shirring.

Can you hand sew with elastic thread?

To sew with elastic thread, you must hand-wind the bobbin. Do this without stretching the elastic thread. Wind the elastic thread on the bobbin until the bobbin is full. Thread the top of the sewing machine with your regular sewing thread.

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How do you sew elastic to gather fabric by hand?

How to sew elastic to fabric

  1. Measure and pin to divide your fabric into quarter sections. Mark your elastic into quarters in the same way.
  2. Pin the end of your elastic to the end of your fabric and stitch to secure. Pull the elastic tightly and pin the next section of elastic to the next pin on the fabric.

How do you Shir on a Brother sewing machine?

How to do shirring with this machine

  1. Set up the machine with a Straight stitch, left needle position. …
  2. Set upper tension to a high number. …
  3. Set stitch length to the longest length.
  4. Thread the top of the machine with sewing thread that matches the fabric.
  5. Hand wind the elastic thread onto the bobbin.