How do you make a basket bag at home?

How do you make a plastic grocery basket bag?


  1. Cut bags into strips. It is very important to cut these strips pretty wide. …
  2. Braid the strips.
  3. Some tips on braiding.
  4. Start creating the basket. Coil the rope tightly, skinny side up, until you reach a base size you’re happy with. …
  5. Building up the sides. …
  6. Finishing the basket.

How are rattan bags made?

Rattan products are made from a process of weaving palm leaves together and there is an abundance of them around the Island of the Gods. These bags however, are made from a different albeit similar material called Ate (that’s the Indonesian word); it is a similar type of woven reed similar to rattan products.

How do you make a bucket bag out of jeans?


  1. Cut off your jeans so that the legs are about 4″ long.
  2. Cut the inner leg seam open.
  3. Turn your jeans inside out and sew the front and back seam down closing it up so it looks like a mini skirt. …
  4. Turn the jeans right side out again, and measure the depth you would like your bag to be from the waist band down.
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