How do you do a chain edge stitch in knitting?

To create a chain edge while working flat, each row of knitting begins and ends with a twisted stitch. The slipping of each row’s first stitch with the yarn in front and knitting through the back loop of the last stitch results in a braid-like edge.

What is edging stitch in knitting?

What is an edge stitch? … The edge stitch, often called selvedge or selvage (self-finished edge), refers to the stitches on the left and right sides of a flat knitting project. A selvage can be one or more stitches wide.

What is chain selvedge stitch?

The chain selvedge is sometimes referred to as a “slip-stitch” selvedge because it involves slipping edge stitches without working them. There is often some confusion among knitters about how the edge stitches should be slipped when working a chain selvedge because there are so many variations.

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