Quick Answer: How does the narrator feel when he thinks about Luo telling the story to the little seamstress?

Is the Little Seamstress really in love with Luo or the narrator?

During the book, the narrator and Luo’s friendship was tested many times. The most prominent time was with the little seamstress. Though Luo ended up being her “boyfriend”, the narrator was also very much in love with her. … The Narrator loved her as much, if not more than Luo.

Why does Luo punch the narrator?

Why does Luo punch the narrator? Luo is angry and upset about his dad and the narrator shows affection toward his father, making Luo punch him.

What does Luo do at the end of the novel?

He performs “oral cinema shows” for the village headman, in which he sees a film and then recites the film’s story for the village, making his story last the length of the actual film.

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What does the narrator learn from the novel Jean Christophe What did reading the novel inspire him to do?

The narrator is particularly inspired by the novel Jean-Christophe, which helps him to develop his own personal philosophy that champions individuals who stand up to take individual action against the world. …

What is Luo’s phobia?

Luo says that he taught the Little Seamstress how to swim properly, not like a peasant. She taught herself, however, how to dive. Watching her makes Luo dizzy because of his fear of heights. … The Little Seamstress caught a tortoise, and Luo carved the novel’s protagonists into its shell.

Why does Luo show the narrator the leaves of the ginko tree?

However, for the narrator, it’s an earthshattering discovery that makes it so he can’t ignore Luo’s growing maturity and independence. By sharing the leaves and story with the narrator, Luo reinforces the narrator’s position as a sidekick and bystander to his romance.

What fear does Luo face at the Little Seamstress?

The narrator explains that Luo is terrified of heights and he relates a childhood experience in which Luo was too scared to climb a water tower. The fact that Luo is willing to face his fears to see the Little Seamstress shows how much he cares, both about her and his project of civilizing her.

How does the narrator change in Balzac?

The Narrator’s tone is content, then he begins to read books and seems to have a new way of thinking, changing his tone to expansive and extroverted.

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What are Luo and the seamstress doing when the Miller sees them?

Luo and the Little Seamstress swam out of the water, and the Seamstress fashioned a loincloth of leaves. … The miller tells the narrator that it’s lucky for Luo that it was he who saw Luo and the Little Seamstress, as the miller has never reported anyone to the Public Security Office.

How old is Luo in Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress?

This was our first taste of re-education. Luo was eighteen years old, I was seventeen. A few words about re-education: towards the end of 1968, the Great Helmsman of China’s Revolution, Chairman Mao, launched a campaign that would leave the country profoundly altered.

Who is the narrator in Balzac?

The novel, written by Dai Sijie, is about two teenage boys during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Luo, described as having “a genius for storytelling”, and the unnamed narrator, “a fine musician”.

Who is Luo’s favorite author?

Since Balzac was Luo’s favourite I put him to one side, and with the ardour and earnestness of my eighteen years I fell in love with one author after another: Flaubert, Gogol, Melville, and even Romain Rolland.”

What sort of education has the narrator and Luo received?

The narrator states that Chairman Mao Zedong’s reasons for sending Chinese youth to the countryside were somewhat unclear, as individuals like Luo and the narrator, whom the Chinese government classified as “intellectuals,” weren’t intellectuals by any stretch of the imagination—they had actually only completed a …

Which author most inspires the seamstress?

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress is inspired by the author, Daj Sijie’s experience with being sent to a re-education camp in Rural Sichuan from 1971 to 1974 due to him being born and raised into an educated family.

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How does the Little Seamstress change?

In the months after her abortion, the Little Seamstress uses what she learns from Balzac’s novels to transform herself into a stylish city girl: she cuts her hair into a bob, adopts a Chengdu accent, and makes herself a bra.