How do you end a cardboard weaving?

Take the weaving off the loom. Begin pairing up the warp yarn with the piece next to it. Tie them in a loose knot right above where the weaving begins. Do this knotting method to both the top and bottom of your weaving.

How do you remove a finished weaving loom?


To remove your work, first gently pull the loops of the warp out from the notches on the top. After you’ve removed the warp from the top of the loom, repeat the same on the bottom so that your weaving is now entirely removed from the loom.

How do you hang a weaving?

5|| Tie off hang a weave – After cutting your weave off the loom, single knot two warp threads together all the way across the weave. Next take the thread ends, pull them over the rod you’re going to hang your weave from. Then tuck them in the back of the weave and tie the ends so that they are secured to the weave.

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