Frequent question: What is a blue dot bobbin case?

The Janome Blue Dot Bobbin Case for Free Motion Quilting is used with the Janome Darning Foot (also known as the Free Motion Quilting Foot) to provide even tension as you quilt. This bobbin case or bobbin holder is marked with a small blue dot (blue arrow) for identification.

What is a low tension bobbin case?

It is also known as the QUILTER’s or LOW TENSION bobbin case. This bobbin case is for QUILTING: free motion quilting AND hand look quilting stitch on many of our machine models.

Are all bobbin cases the same?

While they are technically interchangeable in most cases, it is recommended that you only use one or the other. The weight of the bobbin can affect your tension and the way the thread feeds.

What is the bobbin case called?

Usually made of plastic, bobbin holders are often called a spool case and are used to tension the bottom thread whilst sewing on a sewing machine.

Do I need a bobbin case?

This is why it is important to thread the bobbin correctly – when you pull the bottom thread up, there should be resistance on it. If there is not, re-thread the bobbin through the bobbin case. … In machines with an automatic thread cutter, the bobbin case also helps keep threads in place to cut.

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What holds the bobbin case?

Bobbin spindle- holds the bobbin while it winds.

When should I replace my bobbin case?

As long as you take good care of your bobbin case, it will perform well. However, eventually, it will cease to sew smoothly and will need to be replaced. Sometimes people think they only need to replace certain parts of the bobbin case, like the tension spring or the tension screw.

What is bobbin and bobbin case?

The bobbin case for the industrial sewing machine is a small but complex piece of the machine. … Some domestic machines have a bobbin case that is permanently fixed into the sewing machine. The purpose of the bobbin case is to support the bobbin in the sewing machine so that the machine stitches can be formed.

Why does my bobbin case keep moving?

– Make sure you are using the correct bobbin for your machine. – Check that the thread was wound correctly on the bobbin. – Make sure the bobbin was properly inserted. … – Check to see if the bobbin case is scratched or has a burr on it.