What is the author’s main purpose in a quilt of a country?

What is the authors purpose? Anna Quindlen’s purpose is to help us to realize that the US as a whole, even though we are many different cultures and religions, we manage to find common ground as a whole.

What is the main message the author is trying to say about America in quilt of a Country?

America is often described as a melting pot because people from many different cultures live there. ”A Quilt of a Country” argues that no other country in the world is as diverse as America.

What is Quindlen’s main argument claim in this text?

What is Anna Quindlen’s claim in “A quilt of s country” Summarizes her claim in your own words. Anna Quindlen’s claims we are all different but we are always united as a country.

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What is the claim in a quilt of a Country?

In “A Quilt of a Country”, Anna Quindlen’s claim is America is like a quilt. Anna Quindlen states, “America is an improbable idea, a mongrel nation built of ever-changing disparate parts”(paragraph 1). America is like a quilt because a quilt is made up of a lot of different pieces that are put together into one.

What does the author of a quilt of a Country believe is the most likely reason?

What does the author of “A Quilt of a Country” believe is the most likely reason that many Americans accept new immigrants to this country? Americans accept new immigrants because they are a reminder of how Americans’ immigrant ancestors adapted to American life.

What is the story a quilt of a country about?

“A Quilt of a Country” is an essay written by American writer Anna Quindlen for Newsweek in the immediately aftermath of the September 11th attacks. … Quindlen’s second paragraph traces a history of the United States that attends to its successes but its failures: slavery, bigotry, and socioeconomic prejudice.

How does the analogy of a quilt pertain to America?

America is like a quilt because a quilt is made up of a lot of different pieces that are put together into one. Just like a quilt, America is made up of different races, ethnicity, and cultures. We’re all made up the same but we claim that we’re all different.

What idea does the Daniel Boorstin quotation support what does this mean of all the nations in the world the United States was built in nobody’s image?

“Of all the nations in the world, the United States was built in nobody’s image,” the historian Daniel Boorstin wrote. That’s because it was built of bits and pieces that seem discordant, like the crazy quilts that have been one of its great folk-art forms, velvet and calico and checks and brocades.

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What does the use of the term fault lines reveal about how the author views World Wars?

What does the use of the term fault lines reveal about how the author views world wars? She believes that world wars are harmful to people. … Once these disparate parts were held together by a common enemy, by the fault lines of world wars and the electrified fence of communism.

What is a quilt?

A quilt is a multi-layered textile, traditionally composed of two or more layers of fabric or fiber. Commonly three layers are used. … A single piece of fabric can be used for the top of a quilt (a “whole-cloth quilt”), but in many cases the top is created from smaller fabric pieces joined together, or patchwork.

What evidence does Quindlen provide to support her claim?

To support her claim, Quindlen cites a scientific study indicating that “kids have lost about four unstructured hours a week” (lines 79-80), the Right to Play movement to conditions in the United States (lines 80-85), and a local parent campaign for more recess (lines 85-87).

What is an improbable idea?

The definition of improbable is something unlikely to happen or unlikely to be true. The idea that the sun spins around the Earth is an example of something that would be described as a improbable idea.

Who is the audience in a quilt of a country?

As a result, her audience is the older citizens and the political leaders of America to bring change. She argues that America is a nation built in the image f no one, that we are all together and interwoven, and that we show our unity through our toughest times.

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Why might the analogy of a quilt have seemed fitting?

Answer: A quilt of a country was written when the nation suffered 9/11 attacks. Explanation: … ‘ A Quilt of a Country’ by Anna Quindlen portrayed that despite the diversity that breeds problems in America, it also acts as a tribute to what makes America a special place.

What rhetorical devices were used in a quilt of a country?

Through the use of comparison in complex similes, encouraging repetition, and personification along with rhetorical appeals such as ethos, logos, and pathos, Anna Quindlen and Abraham Lincoln describe how a divided America banded together in unity after traumatic instances and how a time of despair leads to a united …