How do you avoid big holes in crochet?

Even after you have adjusted your hook size and tension, you might still find that you get holes when decreasing. To avoid this, you can use the invisible decrease, which pulls the stitches together without stretching the like a standard decrease does.

How do you prevent a gap in crochet?

How to Avoid Gaps in Amigurumi

  1. use smaller size hook.
  2. work with tighter tension.
  3. don’t stuff it as much.
  4. put stuffing in the stocking.
  5. use invisible decrease method.

Why does my crochet have gaps?

When the turning chain is used as a double crochet or a treble crochet, it sits in the location of that stitch, but it’s a lot skinnier than the stitch it’s standing in for. … Also, the turning chain usually sits a bit to the side, rather than squarely on top of the stitch below it, causing a gap.

Why does my crochet have big holes?

What is important is that your work is as tight as you can comfortably make it. If you see holes in your work, either try working with a tighter tension or go down a hook size so that your stitches are nice and tight.

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